Saturday, 30 November 2013

More free bitcoins.

Recently bitcoins have been making the news for their huge increase in value. World governments are starting to take seriously the potential benefits, threats and impact of what previously had been only used by a small group of internet enthusiasts from geeks to hackers.

As of today a single bitcoin is currently worth more than a single ounce of gold and its value just keeps on rising.

If you would like to get your hands on some free bitcoins or just learn more about them you can do so at this website

To start receiving bitcoins you will need a bitcoin wallet. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use an online service such as

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Garry Walkers Blog.: How to get Bitcoins for Free!

Garry Walkers Blog.: How to get Bitcoins for Free!: You may have heard about the new online currency that is taking the world by storm. To get started you don't actually have to put an...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Isle of Wight Ventnor Holiday.

Well, after a lot of travelling around the world I decided to do some travelling a little closer to home.

Last summer I stayed for a week on the Isle of Wight. In a place called Ventnor Bay.

The apartment I rented for the duration of the holiday was great. It was clean affordable and had some amazing sea views.

Here is a link to their website where you can find out more about the Isle of Wight, Ventnor Bay and what to do when on holiday there.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Dream that never was.

Well, the house never sold, I never put the effort into building my blogs and keeping that revenue coming in and slowly but surely the income it generated seemed to trail off.

I focused my energies solely on setting up and running an electrical repair shop. Two years later and I am in exactly the same boat as I was back before I started.

I wouldn't call the venture a failure - I learned a lot from having staff and a shop. The main thing I learned is don't have staff or a shop - it just doesn't suit my lifestyle. I can pick up small repair jobs which I can perform in peoples homes and earn around £50 per time. If I can market myself adequately - and pick up 3 or 4 of these a day - then life should be very easy for me. So this is why I have set up Chingford Computer Services

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In addition to this I also plan to generate additional revenue designing and hosting websites. i have revamped the old Masters of Creation site to bring it up to date and am currently setting about marketing it.

Monday, 12 May 2008

The UK housing market

There is nothing quite like a global credit crunch to dash your plans to move to Thailand to enjoy the good life.

I have been unable to sell my second property and am having a little difficulty renting it. Everybody appears to be taking a wait and see approach to housing at the moment. Including the Bank of England who last week decided to keep interest rates the same. A bad move in my mind.

Whilst I sort out this mess and attempt to sort out the family situation I suppose Im stuck in England.

I don't think I can hang about for ever. However, I haven't finished my current project with my current employer so I don't suppose I'd be going anywhere anyway.

I have to be careful about how much I talk about my google earnings but can talk about my websites overall income from all sources. I am now earning around $50 per week from all sites. The google adsense project is going well and I am now drawing a small income from each of my sites. These have been suplimented with adbrite advertising which is bringing an additional $7 dollars a week. If I can improve this 10 fold I won't have to work again.

Lets hope that google saves me from the crunch.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Living Abroad

I have been considering leaving England for as long as I can remember. I just never had any idea of how to go about doing it. That was until me recent trip to Thailand. The cost of living is so low and I can live very well on £500 per month.

If I rent out my two properties in England and do freelance work online I can enjoy a good quality of life in Thailand.

As a web designer I am able to take perform my job from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection. My plan initally involves working from sites such as Doing webdesign when possible and also basic business admin with an aim of bringing in around £250 per week. So I will actually be able to save money out there.

I am hoping to further develop my network of adsense powered sites. To increase the small income I get from them. These include this blog, my general blog, and These will help me build a residual income in addition to the money I get from hosting domains.

In addition to this I am signing up for several sites that offer rewards or paid for surveys. I will list them and give reviews as I start earning.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Final Entry

I would like to thank all the people who made this trip possible and those who made it wonderful. If I've missed anyone out I'm sorry but I have a photo upload limit :-(.

Firstly I'd like to thank my mum and dad for helping me out financially and making this possible in spite of the global credit crunch and my house sale falling through.

Thanks Mum!

Thanks Dad!

Secondly I'd like to thank the group I came with.

Thanks Jan and Garry - if you hadn't of planned this I'm not sure it would have ever happened.

Thanks Sara and Ollie - hope you had a great a time as I did.

Thanks Beck and Paul - I needed some single guys with me. Whens the next hol?

Thanks Elliot and Suzie - Bet you wish you'd stayed for the month

Thanks David and Carol - Dave - I'm going to need copies of those photos!

Thirdly I'd like to thank those people I met along the way.

Emma, Claire, Yelsel & Shelley - it was great to see you again - kind of a Cuba re-union.

Hugh, cheers for putting up with me / looking after me / getting me smashed and introducing me to all your friends.

Guy, thanks for getting me out of the bar - looking forward to seeing you in England whenever that may be.

Johnny - Hope you get better quick mate. You took too much man, You took too much....

Genna - You are lovely and great company. Hope you have a great time in Korea - and pass that test :-P

Aisleyne - (Hope I got your name right) Thanks for staying up drinking all night with me. Shame we didn't have some more time to spend together.

And a final thankyou to all those people who played the smaller parts in making my holiday so much fun. I'm sure there is a photo of you somewhere on my facebook account. It's with a heavy heart I return to England.